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Small means small; no groups are larger than eight. This way you get the buzz and encouragement of working towards your goals with like-minded members, but your coach is still able to keep tabs on each of you as you train. And everyone starts with a one-to-one evaluation, and each programme is tailored to specific goals and is reviewed regularly.


Now is the time to take the first step towards a stronger and happier life. 


This is the entry point, to join our tribe. "The First Step" covers your first 28 days of training at DSC.GYM. 


You will work with our team of world class coaches to create the blueprint for success you need. After your first 28 days you will be primed with the knowledge and skill to excel in the gym and life.

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Our Bronze Membership will allow you to train in our Semi-Private Personal Training model twice per week. 

Our full body two day Strength & Conditioning Program is perfect for the client with a hectic schedule who is looking to be efficient with their time in the gym. 

Our Silver Membership allows you to train 3 times per week in our SPPT sessions . 


Semi-Private Personal Training combines the personal approach of traditional 1:1 training with the added motivation of a social class dynamic. Clients train at their own private pod, working off an individually tailored program. Collectively creating the perfect environment for success. 


Trust in a tried and tested method. We've been developing the Semi-Private Personal Training method for the past 6 years and helping humans of Dublin get freaky strong.


Our Gold Membership is our most popular package and its what we recommend for making serious progress!  

Our team is armed with the tools needed to help you breakthrough plateaus and develop the best version of yourself.


You turn up and we look after everything else!

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